Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Aisha lives with more than 270 Animal !!

Aisha, A young Emirate Girl who was not been able to live her life without acquiring a pet, couldn’t imagine to live without their presence in the house, where the rescue, care and rehabilitation of a large number of animals to take care of each other after a similar nature to heal and contribute with some other districts of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Wildlife of the limited space surrounding her home. It started with a hobby since childhood, and the passed it to her by her father.

Aisha Clive opened the doors of her home garden in Dubai for many years in front of pets that can not find shelter, and those that fail their owners to care for them, until her house became a center for rescue, care and rehabilitation of animals, and educational center frequented by students from all emirates.
And filled her home, according to Al Bayan UAE, estimated more than 270 animals distributed between reptiles and mammals, birds and squirrels and snakes, turtles and other rare and there are some others are threatened with extinction.