Friday, May 10, 2013

Six Flags Dubailand

Once guests had received their tickets in the WELCOME CENTER, they would then make their way onto the TREASURE PROMENADE- a chic boulevard filled with boutique shops and cafes. At the end of the promenade, guests would be beckoned by the incredible "KALEIDOSCOPE"- SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND's central icon, as well as by the towering structure of The DUBAI GIANT giga coaster

At the heart of SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND is the park's spectacular icon- the KALEIDOSCOPE. Designed by "Glow in the Park" Production Designer Raul Rodriguez, the Kaleidoscope is an icon unlike any other in the world. Centered around a giant ferris wheel, colossal fabric discs turn free-form in opposing directions to create an endless series of thrilling visuals that take on a different look in the day and night.

Guests would make their grand arrival to SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND along the TREASURE PROMENADE- a luxurious shopping street set amidst lush landscaped alleyways and hidden garden courtyards.

One of the most unique aspects of SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND is that the lands do not try to re-create specific times or places, but rather are designed to evoke certain emotions. From the park's central hub, guests would be able to choose from six spectacular gateways representing these breathtaking themed areas.