Friday, October 18, 2013

Super Expensive Gifts & Gadgets

 Submarine, $2,000,000

Sometimes, a yacht just isn't deep enough. The filthy rich have the right to wonder what's under the sea -- and they have personal submarines to show them exactly where the fish are.


Optimus Prime statue, $10,500

This statue is not only perfect for a rich 8-year old's luxury playroom, it's also made from recycled materials -- so you can teach that kid about the environment while indulging him at the same time. Rich Bay Are techies perhaps?

PC Workstation, $49,150

A small price to pay for a control center, air filtration system, powered leather seat, three LED monitors, and some light therapy. All under $50, 000.

 Gold Bicycle, $104, 744

The world's got a thing for gold -- maybe because it's better than paper currency when times get rough. So don't just park this baby outside the coffee shop when you grab your morning latte.

 Shark Boat, $65,000

If there's nothing else going on in your life, why not go for a ride in this Great White Shark Boat that practically transforms you into the ocean's most menacing species. Sort of.

iPad tower station, $16,000

Because 11 feet in the air is exactly the altitude your iPad needs to rest in all its glory.

Vertu phone, $13,800

Vertu has long been the maker of luxury cellphones -- and you thought they couldn't top the iPhone. Well, Vertu's new luxury smartphone runs Symbian and uses a Swype keyboard and allows you access to an exclusive concierge service and dedicated security specialist.

 Swiss Army Knife USB drive, $3,000

Though most people have moved data to the cloud, some still prefer or need to use USB thumb drives -- and that's where Victorinox comes in. This swiss army knife thumb drive has 1TB of data capacity and the usual accoutrements of a boy scout's favorite gadget.

 Diamond TV, $130,000

Because having a diamond encrusted TV with LED technology from three years ago is every guy's idea of the perfect gaming TV. Wait, what?

Gold speakers, $4,700

For under five grand, you can get yourself a set of solid 18-carat gold speakers. Perfect for someone like Donald Trump, who seems to prefer everything gilded.

Gold History edition iPad 2, $8,000

A diamond studded apple is really all you need to ignore the latest retina versions of the iPad and go retro with this upgraded edition of the iPad 2.

Suitcase Scooter, $4,000

The Boxx Electric suitcase scooter allows you to store items as well as help transport you to your next destination -- as long as there isn't much bumpy terrain along the way.

Electric bicycle, $10,000

In case you ride a bike so as to not pedal manually, then this is the perfect touring bike for you. With this price tag, you may just thrown on a yellow jersey and feel like Lance Armstrong for an hour.

Toilet, $6,400

The Kohler Numi toilet is a really a functional piece of art for your bathroom. Some may call it a simple toilet, but you can call it your personal throne of luxury.

Headphones $5,250

These STAX SR-009 headphones are supposedly electrostatic, made with "super fine plastics". For the price point, these better be cutting edge for headphones fit for a billionaire to listen to his favorite Shakira songs on his private jet.