Sunday, December 4, 2011

strangest and profitable jobs

Strange jobs have their advantages, fewer competitors, which means a higher salary if you are an employee and a large profit margin if you are an employer

1- Cleaning agent to the scene of the crime

Different profession cleaning agent of the crime scene a little cleaning agent for the traditional , view of the nature of the place in which they operate, which may include the remains, body parts, but the pay was double compared to a factor of six times the normal hygiene.

2- explosive  worker  

The bombing of buildings and the use of explosives is interesting, but not without risks as well, and reaches an explosive annual income to 50 thousand U.S. dollars, 

3- Hunter Rewards 

Shall not receive  Hunter Rewards bonuses paid enough in return for the risks they face but it is an adventure in its entirety, and after that make your life a bit and have some experience and the ability to avoid risks to some extent, it can be to open a special office and begin to recruit others to work to your advantage.

4- Leader of a bicycle taxi .

Can get a taxi $ 30 U.S. per hour in a big city like New York, and much less in the smaller city of New York, but could be shortly after you start your own business and have some bicycles and then you can earn much more than that.

5- Pest animal control 

Does not require control of animals, but some experience and some of the permits that are easy to get them to start your own business in the fight against wild animals in the home, such as snakes and lizards.

6- Home Services for pets

Some want to spare their pets the street noise and other animals, so their animals require care services at home, it may be a good start to start a business in the areas of modern prosper quickly.