Sunday, December 4, 2011

Innovative product: canned air

 Russian company launched a new product for sale and raised in the markets of the Altai region in southern West Siberia, is a canned air


Compound is characterized by air in cans that a combination of several known sites of the region known by its nature scenery. Has identified the manufacturer of the air a certain period of validity not exceeding 98 years, according to agency "Interfax Sibir", quoting a representative of the manufacturer.
 And confirms the company representative, that 35% of the air box collection in Mount Balokha and 20% of the lake Talitsky, and 15% of the river Katun and the mountains nearby, and 8% of the air chute Cobo, while the 7% remaining are the caves of Tavdensky, without reference to the source The remaining percentage of the box, which was seen by some as something of humor perhaps preservatives, note that, according to the company representative, the price per pack nearly $ 7, or 26 per approximately SR. And the relocation of "Russia Today" about the company representative that the demand for canned air chief, expressing the hope that this increased demand coinciding with the peak tourist season next year.