Saturday, September 13, 2014

The latest fad in Dubai: wine Halal gold

Dubai built the highest tower in the world, and established an arena for ice rink inside the mall, and police made ​​the move in the Lamborghini cars ..
What is new is a bottle of white wine, “I’m free” of alcohol at the bottom points gleaming sheet of 24-carat gold can swallow it .. and the price of $ 150.

Tony Cooley, director Lootah Premium Foods, which distributes wine bottles he told Reuters this “does not contain gold for nothing but to spread joy. This charm .. Dalaa .. It is worthy of Dubai.”
Said Josh Benson Bistro restaurant owner who displays wine bottles elegant bottles that gold began to display a few weeks ago, although the restaurant began offering wine Halal alcohol-free a few months ago, although turnout was more than good.
He said, “those who can not drinking … is gentler than soft drinks in Ahtsaúha with steaks.”
The grapes used in the manufacturing of Spain and German technology to remove the material fermented.