Saturday, October 26, 2013

A balloon ride into near-space, price tag $75,000

A lot of companies like Virgin are already planning to launch commercial space flights. They are even hoping to build space hotels and one day trip to moon as well. But, you can forget about that for now because it would take years to accomplish and even when they do, it would cost you a fortune to take a trip to the moon. However, a company called Paragon Space Development Corp has found an affordable way for normal people to take a small trip to space via a balloon.

They call it the World View. The balloon will take you 100,000 feet (about 18 miles) above the earth, which is high enough to take a good distant look at the amazing earth and avoid getting into zero gravity zone. In return you just have to pay $75,000. It’s highly affordable compared to $250,000 price Virgin asks for a ride in it’s Galactic spaceship.