Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The world's first Twitter-themed hotel

A year ago, in Majorca, Spain, a one-of-a-kind hotel welcomed its first guests. This hotel is not so very special in terms of luxury, but it is for one thing – Twitter.The Sol Wave House - that claims to be “the first Twitter experience hotel” - is not only equipped with WiFi, but has a special web app that guests can use to log in to their Twitter accounts; By doing so, they are able to chat with other guests, share videos, see who is online and where they are at that moment. The magic component is that virtual kisses can be exchanged through this app as well.Besides the technical enhancement, this hotel has Twitter designed rooms with hashtags and twitter-blue balloons and pillows; Each Friday, the hotel is hosts a #TwitterPoolParty, accompanied with drinks, putting Twitter addicts in the mood. Apparently in this hotel, social life – in every possible sense of the word – is not taken for granted!