Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Most Beautiful Metro Stations In The World

#17 Arts et Métiers Station, Paris, France

 The steampunkish underground station near the Musée des Arts et Métiers was opened in 1904, but was redesigned by the famous Belgian comics artist François Schuiten in a style inspired by the works of Jules Verne.


#16 Avtovo Station, Saint Petersburg, Russia

This transfer station was built for the 2009 World Games, but opened in September 2008. It has the largest glass work in the world, designed by Narcissus Quagliata, covering an area of 23,465 sq ft (2180 sq m) with 4,500 glass panels.


#15 Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This metro station in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is amazing! It's like stepping into a massive, technicolor convention center. We can only imagine how in awe of this station the commuters are, and the metro station has even become a tourist attraction in its own right! We think this metro station would definitely brighten up your day.

#14 Rådhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

This magnificent metro station in Rådhuset, Stockholm was built in 1975, and it serves as one of the best examples of organic architecture in the world! Commuters would be forgiven for thinking they had entered into a stunning underground cave or museum when they hopped off at this metro station!

#13 Stadium Station, Stockholm, Sweden

This is Stadium Station in Stockholm, and it has been decorated with murals of rainbows and various other quirky and colorful additions. This particular photograph makes the station almost look like an ice cave, and we think it's an awesome idea to decorate a station so impressively!

#12 Elektrozavodskaya Station, Moscow, Russia

It may be hard to pronounce, but Elektrozavodskaya Station in Moscow looks more like an expensive art gallery, rather than a metro station! Metro stations are often thought of to be dirty and unkempt, so you can imagine commuters' surprise and delight at discovering this gem of a station!

#11 Kiyevskaya Station - Koltsevaya Line Hall, Moscow, Russia

Kiyevskaya Station is another metro station in Moscow to have been designed just like a Renaissance art gallery or museum. If only all metro stations could look like this one! We particularly love the use of gold and the impressive artworks. We're sure there are plenty of people who make a trip to Kiyevskaya just to see the metro station!

#10 Zoloti Vorota Station, Kiev, Ukraine

This impressive metro station was opened on December 30, 1989 as the part of the first stage of the Syretsko-Pecherska Line. Many have commented about the station's likeness to an Orthodox cathedral, and we could not agree more! This looks more like a place of religious worship than it does a place to catch a train.

#9 Puhŭng, Pyongyang, North Korea

Did you know that the Pyongyang Metro is the deepest in the world? The track runs 360 ft (110 m) underground! This station in North Korea opened in 1987, and since then it has become a national treasure. The metro station is decorated beautifully with ornaments and murals.

#8 O'Hare Station, Chicago, Illinois

This metro station in Chicago, Illinois is one of America's most beautiful and impressive metro stations, and it isn't hard to see why! Located at O'Hare International Airport, the walls are made entirely from luminous, colored glass bricks. This metro station is definitely well worth the trip!

#7 T-Centralen Station, Stockholm, Sweden

The T-Centralen Station in Stockholm, Sweden, is another metro station to grace the 'most beautiful metro stations in the world' list, and we love the station's creative design! We love that the walls are covered in colorful silhouettes of workers, in order to celebrate the numerous workers who made the construction of the station possible.

#6 Westfriedhof Station, Munich, Germany

This metro station in Munich, Germany was opened fairly recently in 1998, however the large and colorful lamps were not added until a later date. The lamps contain red, blue, and yellow lights, all adding a vibrant twist to your average metro station. We love this creative idea!

#5 Marienplatz Station, Munich, Germany

Did you know that Marienplatz Station is one of the most frequently used stations in Munich? This metro station almost looks like something from the future, with its curved and colorful designs. We think it looks amazing!

#4 Olaias Station, Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal also has one of the most beautiful metro stations in the world, and the one featured in the photograph is Olaias Station in Lisbon. We love the use of colored glass, and it gives the station a stained glass effect. This is certainly one colorful and brightly-lit station, and it is sure to add some cheer to your day!

#3 Drassanes Station, Barcelona, Spain

It might look simplistic and modern, but there's something about monochrome and clean lines that people find extremely refreshing at this beautiful metro station. The use of the bright white surfaces creates the illusion of light, and we absolutely love the strong contrast created with the color black!

#2 Museum Subway Station, Toronto, Canada

Canada also has a very impressive metro station, as you can see this from the pic. The Museum Subway Station in Toronto is filled with decorative and artistic pillars, as well as stainless steel surfaces and pops of bright color. It's easy to see just why tourists love this metro station so much!

#1 The stations of the Line A, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is well-known for its impressive architecture, so it comes as no surprise that one of the metro stations is also one of the most amazing in the world. The stations of the Line A have colorful and patterned walls, such as the one pictured. The stations on this line are from the 1970s, however their futuristic design keeps them forever modern.