Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eternal Flame Falls - New York

the flame of Park Ridge in West New York, which are believed to be ignited by indigenous people was not extinguished until the present day.
And should the process of ignition to be rock beneath very hot to the point beyond boiling point of water, but researchers from the University, “Indiana,” they discovered that the rocks under Park Ridge is not hot enough gas production, they are similar to heat a cup of tea, which means that the process of geological another type of spark waterfalls fire.
Although this process is still unclear to scientists, it has been pointed out preliminary studies to the possibility of parking leaks gas slate or schist and behind it, a gas trapped between the stones of class, where it proved that the gas that keeps the torch lit contains a proportion of concentrated very high Ghazi ethane and propane, which may Email any gas leaked last.