Monday, January 21, 2013

The Lilypad Project

All aboard for the Lilypad Project! The plan floats to the top when it comes to addressing the global issue of rising sea levels. Melting continental glaciers and thawing ice caps may be the problem, but in this design, the water itself becomes part of the solution. Considering the expected loss of habitable terrain and destruction of fertile land by saltwater-saturated ground, the Lilypad is a futuristic alternative. And with the increase in water, there will be no shortage of places to put them.

The Lilypad will include life at all levels: marinas above water, gardens above and below, and a performing arts center actually located underwater. It also steps up to the four challenges given by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: climate, water, health and biodiversity.

 Inspired by the Victoria lily pad (only 250 times bigger), you’ll be able to float around with 49,999 other people residing on the autonomous eco city. It will run off all-renewable energies, including the sun, wind and tides. Holding pools in the pad’s center will collect and filter water. Even cooler, future advancements in sustainable living will likely be incorporated into the Lilypad’s inception around the year 2100. The project will give a whole new meaning to hangin’ out at the pad.