Friday, August 3, 2012

Hyundai car was to fight the zombies

The Hyundai has revealed her "Elantra Coupe" after conversion into a kind of armored warfare and called it "escape from the zombie machine" (Zombie Survival Machine), according to the site "Topspeed" a specialist in cars.
Car designed by Robert Kirkmen (author of comics stories "The Walking Dead") and carried out the design company "Design Craft" mark the number percent of the comics series.
The car is equipped with iron bars on windows to keep all attackers with a sunroof to allow passengers repelled, as Tzudia electrical weapons.
And also there in front of the vehicle plate teeth leading to the destruction of zombies, as well as tires for walking in all types of land, whether rough or paved, and because the zombie means the end of the technology as we know it has been provided with the car-based radio "CB" for communication between survivors