Monday, March 12, 2012

Third Sex and the City film will be set in Gaza Strip

GAZA CITY: There were rare scenes of joy across the the Occupied Palestine Territories yesterday after it was announced that the third Sex and the City film would be set in the troubled area.
Sex in the City 3, due to start filming next year, will see Carrie and the girls embark on a lavish holiday to Turkey. However, things go astray when they board the wrong yacht and find themselves on a flotilla of peace vessels heading towards Gaza.

According to Hollywood sources, the scripts has Samantha’s insistence on sunbathing in a rather revealing bikini alerting the attention of the Israeli navy, but the girls manage to slip through after a song and dance performance of ‘Push It’ by Salt ‘N’ Pepa.
The fabulous foursome are eventually left to wander the streets of Gaza, luggageless and without a pair of Jimmy Choos between them. In the end, it’s up to Mr Big to make peace with Netanyahu, lift the blockade and reunite the girls with their wardrobes!
“This is exactly what we need,” said Gaza resident Asmaa Hamdan. “I can’t wait to see Sarah Jessica Parker.”