Monday, April 8, 2013

13 Tilted Architectural Wonders of the World

When you don’t place a structure – particularly a very tall structure – on a solid foundation, this is what happens. The building starts to lean, further and further each year, and though it may take centuries, it will eventually come crashing down without serious efforts to stabilize it. That’s what is happening to most of these 13 leaning towers of the world, although a few are tilted on purpose.

Big Ben, London, UK


Bad Frankenhausen Church Tower, Germany


Two Towers of Bologna, Italy

Tiger Hill Pagoda, China

 Nevyansk Tower, Russia


Oude Kerk, Delft, The Netherlands

 Tower of Pisa, Italy

Suurhusen Church Tower, Germany

The Leaning Temple of Huma



Capital Gate Tower, Olympic Stadium & Gate of Europe